The aim of our curriculum is to ensure that we produce curious, well rounded individuals who are numerate, literate and who possess a good knowledge and understanding of the wider world, so that when they leave us, they are well prepared for the next stage of their learning journey. We aim to develop the knowledge and skills that pupils need in order to take advantage of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

In the mornings’ we concentrate on teaching Reading, Writing and Mathematics. In the afternoons’ our focus is on the wider curriculum to develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the world, underpinned by the core subjects (knowledge does not sit as isolated information). The school’s curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and towards its clearly defined end points.

Our curriculum reflects the school’s local context by addressing typical gaps in pupils’ knowledge and skills. For instance, we do focus strongly on closing the gaps in developing mathematical reasoning skills, reading comprehension skills and developing fluency in writing. It is also our intent to engage with our parents to give them the skills to help them to help their children at home through Family Learning initiatives.

We have high academic ambition for all pupils. This academy does not offer disadvantaged pupils or pupils with SEND a reduced curriculum.