Foundation Stage

We provide a secure, safe and stimulating environment where children learn through play. Stay and Play visits before children enter Reception ensure that parents are fully involved in their children’s learning. We value the partnership with parents and hope to build relationships that will continue throughout the child’s school life. We provide learning opportunities both indoors and out and fully prepare children for their continued education in KS1.



We continue to build on the foundations set in early years and prepare our children for Key Stage 2. We have an exciting computer based reading program which is accessible from home, thereby extending the virtual learning environment. Our approach to mathematics, supported by the White Rose Hub, ensures that results continue to improve and children are confident and key to learn.

Our school day ensures that a broad and exciting curriculum is taught. PE and Music all go hand in hand with  our topics, where children can be seen ‘going back in time’ or taking a trip to the seaside.


At the beginning of KS2 we continue to build on the sterling work from Key Stage 1. We never limit our children and instil a sense of perseverance, pride and passion for learning. Year 3 & 4 work collaboratively on topics which ensures all learning styles are catered for. We help children to mature and develop learning confidence which stands them in good stead for upper Key Stage 2.

In Years 5 &6 we prepare the children for more in-depth learning. Independent studies are welcomed and encouraged, but teamwork is still at the heart of our teaching. Children take on greater responsibility both in classrooms and across the school. For example: being buddies to other children at playtime and lunchtime; helping with assemblies, house captain duties and supporting younger children on fundraising days. We introduce our extremely successful ‘Rock It’ project: children get to play ‘real’ instruments such as drums, keyboards, melodicas and steel pans. At the end of each academic year they take the equivalent of a GCSE in ensemble performance. We are proud to be the first primary school in the country to achieve Level 4 (with distinction!).