Together we will succeed

To help all children feel positive about learning and to grow up with the best possible chance of a happy life, a sense of personal worth, achievement and economic successes



We believe that every child is important and deserves a first class education. We believe everyone has hidden potential to be uncovered and nurtured.

We are extremely proud of each of our children. We aim to inspire every child in our school to succeed and seek to provide them with the opportunities to develop to their full potential. We pride ourselves on our varied, enriched curriculum and the confidence and achievements of our pupils.

We want the children who attend Jubilee Academy Mossley to leave us with the skills and positive thinking needed to achieve their ambitions and to lead happy and successful lives.

To achieve this vision we:



  • Have high academic expectations
  • Encourage children to become independent learners – with effective learning and thinking skills
  • Provide a varied and enriched curriculum
  • Enhance our children’s learning experiences through a wide range of exciting, challenging and extra-curricular activities



  • Recognise individual and school success and focus on the positive
  • Have respect for each other and resources
  • Foster an atmosphere of honesty and trust
  • Show happiness, stability and continuity
  • Communicate effectively with all stakeholders of the school
  • Strive for high self–esteem in all of our children
  • Encourage involvement in all aspects of school life
  • Build team-spirit through sports, music, the arts and extra-curricular activities



  • Maintain a secure environment
  • Provide a happy and stable environment
  • Provide a stimulating and effective environment
  • Create a caring environment
  • Promote a healthy life-style



  • Are actively involved in the community
  • See parents as partners in their child’s education