The Jubilee Way 


We want the children who attend Jubilee Academy to leave us with the skills and positive thinking needed to achieve their ambitions and to lead happy and successful lives. We celebrate our children’s attitudes to learning through our school value of ‘Together we will SUCCEED’.


S – be successful in achieving your goals

U – celebrate how unique each person is

C – have the confidence in your ability

C – be able to show you are creative

E – be enthusiastic and showing interest in your learning

E – be able to empathise with others around you

D – be determined when things get tough



To achieve this vision, we believe that we must/have:


Teaching and Learning

  • High expectations.
  • Become independent learners.
  • A varied and enriched curriculum.
  • A wide range of exciting, challenging and extra-curricular activities.


Behaviour in the classrooms

  • Be respectful at all times.
  • Track the speaker.
  • No hands up.
  • Not to move around the classroom unless instructed by the adults.
  • Always put in 100% effort into my learning.
  • Follow the behaviour policy


Behaviour around the academy

  • Move around the academy in a quiet and orderly manner.
  • Move in single file and showing respect for what is going on around me.
  • Walk in single file on the left-hand side.
  • Wait to allow adults to walk through doors as a sign of respect in corridors.



Behaviour Rewards

All adults around school will be able to reward points as our expectation is that behaviour is exceptional.


Our rewards tariffs:


Completing work showing resilience (S)

Celebrating themselves and their contributions to lessons (U)

Creative in their work – all subjects (C)

Improved confidence in any aspect of school life (C)

Being enthusiastic in any aspect of school (E)

Showing empathy to others and for materials used in lessons (E)

Not giving up, resilience, perseverance (D)



Completing homework to a high standard

Consistently showing school attributes and attitudes

Continued hard work and perseverance across the curriculum

Cross academy competitions and event participation

Excellent presentation and content Improved attendance

Significant kindness

Supporting charities inside and outside of school

Winner of the day



Always thinking of others

Awards/recognition out of school

High number of R1-R2s

Highest number of books/sessions reading JLT, DEI champs, house and vice captains

Standing out from peers – beyond meeting attributes

Subject award for excellence



Consistent effort and positive attitudes to work across a range of subjects

100% attendance

Award from principal

Awards that celebrate excellence at the end of each half term/term

Functions, sports, art, drama

Improved attendance meeting target

Improved behaviour – no T for the half term

Improved lates (less)

Significant improvement/effort in assessment



Continued high standards throughout school – all areas

Involvement in a student leadership role over a significant period of time

Leading an activity/fundraising over time

National or international recognition

No behaviour points for the academic year

Significant involvement in academy life and the community





 Behaviour Events


Our behaviour policy and class rules are displayed prominently in all classrooms.

The intention is to discourage unwanted, unacceptable behaviour and encourage children to aim high and go for gold through making positive choices, behaving in an acceptable way and increasing on-task performance.


Our consequences are not designed to humiliate or embarrass a pupil. We want them to progress academically and socially and work together with their peers and staff. The consequences should be calmly and consistently applied in a manner that avoids confrontation, loss of control by the adult or humiliation of the child.


Our events tariffs:



Low level disruption

Not meeting learning expectations

Not meeting transition expectations

Poor choice of language

Talking over the teacher

Uniform infringement



Answering back

Continuous disruption to learning

Isolated playground incident

Lack of equipment or correct uniform

Lack of punctuality

Not meeting deadlines

Refusal to follow instructions

Unkindness to others



Damage to property

Failed reflection time/detention

Inappropriate language including swearing and derogatory language

Loud and disruptive corridor behaviour

Persistent disruption to learning

Persistent unkindness

Refusal to comply to a reasonable request

Unsafe behaviour



Bringing prohibited items into the academy, including smoking/vaping


Continuation of persistent disruption to learning

Deliberate damage to property



Persistent refusal to follow instructions

Persistently incorrect uniform

Repeated failure to attend detention/correction



Threatening behaviour


Unacceptable language

Unwanted physical contact



Absconding off school site

Deliberate discrimination of the grounds of membership of a protected group under the equality act

Failed internal suspension

Harmful sexual behaviour

Persistent defiance

Repeated incidents of COCA

Serious damage to property

Serious physical behaviour towards another

Swearing at a member of staff



Dangerous behaviour

Illegal actions/behaviour

Persistent gross misconduct

Physically aggressive behaviour

Serious breach of the behaviour policy

Sexual assault or violence