The staff at Jubilee Academy Mossley work very hard to inspire every child in our Academy to succeed and develop, by providing a safe and happy environment with a versatile curriculum which is adapted to individual pupil’s needs.

We provide opportunities to develop and challenge our pupils to ensure they are well prepared for their life ahead academically, personally, emotionally and professionally.

The staff are as follows:

Senior Leadership Team

Principal: Ms Kate Benton

Assistant Principal: Mrs Joanne Westwood

Assistant Principal: Miss Laura Hood (Maternity leave)

Seconded Assistant Principal: Miss Katie Jones


Middle Leadership Team

Pastoral Lead: Mrs Deborah Drohan

Behaviour and Attendance Lead: Mrs Kym Allen

Office Manager: Katie Mason


Teaching Team: 

Reception: Miss Katie Jones

Y1: Mrs Rachel Owen

Y2: Miss Rebecca Dolman

Y3: Mrs Allen and Mr Phillips

Y4: Miss Jodie Gill

Y5: Miss Stacey Westwood

Y6: Mrs Joanne Whitehouse

Learning Support Team:

Miss Emma Morris, Mrs Karen Parkes, Mrs Dawn Picken, Mrs Lisa Smith, Mrs Jayne Withey, Miss Heather Wood, Mrs Kelly Roscoe, Mrs Kayleigh Leonard,  Miss Lauren Clarke, Miss Emily Tipton, Miss Leanne France, Mr Daniel Phillips, Miss Sarah Matthews, Miss Caitlin Sparkes, Miss Sarah Pugh,

Inclusion Team :

DSL and SENDco: Mrs Joanne Westwood

DDSL: Mrs Deborah Drohan

ADSL: Ms Kate Benton and Miss Katie Jones

SENDco Assistant: Mr Daniel Phillips

Behaviour and Attendance Lead: Mrs Kym Allen

Admin Staff:

Office Manager: Miss Katie Mason

Office Admin: Miss Sophie Baggott

HR Administrator: Ms Lisa Mills

Site Staff:

Mr Melvin Allmark, Mrs Beverley Davies, Mrs Edna Winter. Mrs Jayne Withey

Lunchtime Team:

Mrs Karen Parry

Breakfast Club Team:

Breakfast Club Lead: Mrs Stacey Read

Breakfast Club Assistant: Mrs Karen Parry