Meet Nelly!

We have a very special member of staff who is here for the benefit of all our pupils. Nelly is a chocolate Cockapoo who began her training with us in September 2020 when she was just over 2 years old.
In her spare time, Nelly is a family pet who lives with Mrs Benton and her family. At home she gets to be a much loved dog who plays in the garden and gets walked in the fields and park. She also has some dog friends with whom she loves to play.

Nelly’s School Week
During the week Nelly is a therapy dog in school. Nelly was especially chosen for his role as a support dog and has been trained using The Dog Mentor programme. Nelly’s role in school is to bring a sense of calm and unconditional companionship for the children. She is here to share the
joys of working and learning together by simply lying under the table whilst we work, sniffing the pages of your books to say well done, playing with us out on the field or even working 1:1 with us when we need it. Nelly will also come to assemblies, visits out and is ready to say hello to anyone who would like to spend time with her. Nelly is a wonderful way to regain a sense of calm.

Please know that we understand not all people appreciate a dog’s presence. This is why Nelly is based in Mrs Benton’s office and is invited to other areas of the school. Nelly is always supervised by the staff and never left on her own with any pupil, no matter how familiar they are with each other.

We believe Nelly enhances the wellbeing of our children to work through anger management and social problems. She can also help stimulate problem solving, self-esteem, acceptance from others, motivation and laughter!

If you would like to come and find out more about Nelly and her role in school, you are very welcome. Please do make an appointment through the school office.